17 March 2021
In this essay, Trish Prentice explores the stories of small business owners from diverse cultural backgrounds, each of whom have added to the richness, character and uniqueness of their neighbourhood.
22 October 2020
In this essay for the Scanlon Foundation Research Institute, Trish Prentice explores what it is like to grow up in an intermarried family in Australia and how these families are changing the cultural worldview of the next generation of Australians.
3 June 2020
Six months ago, no one had heard of the coronavirus. Now, several months into the pandemic, much of our daily lives have been transformed by its spread. In Australia, religious communities were one part of society expressly impacted by the ‘lockdown’ directives introduced to stem the spread of the virus. This essay describes the ramifications of the closure for some of Australia’s religious communities and considers what might be the long-term impact of the lockdown and our new social reality on the way these communities contribute to social cohesion in Australia.
15 November 2019
Australia’s diverse culture is one of its most defining characteristics. In an era of globalisation, where ‘global citizens’ are on the rise and immigration continues to be a prominent issue in the news cycle, it is timely and important to consider public attitudes about a changing and increasingly diverse society, and how this affects our social cohesion.
31 October 2017
Despite an ageing population, the number of young people (12-25 years) in Australia is steadily growing, predicted to rise by approximately 50% by 2050.
18 September 2016
Communities are crucial as they are key to building and maintaining a sense of belonging and contribute to our sense of support and self-worth.
24 August 2016

Australians Today highlights findings of the largest ever survey of people born in Australia and recent migrants, on their experience of Australian life. More than 10,000 respondents completed the survey across 20 languages. The report outlines public attitudes to key issues, by pathway of immigration and country of origin. While Australia is generally considered as a good country for migrants, analysis of the findings is not positive across all groups, with some experiencing high levels of dissatisfaction and discrimination.

21 August 2015
Australia is proudly a diverse, multicultural society, and one that has experienced significant population growth in recent years. A large proportion – close to 60 per cent of that growth between 2000 and 2013 – can be attributed to immigration.