'Why call me that?' Reflections on labels in a diverse nation

Through the voices of six individuals, Senior Researcher Trish Prentice explores the issue of labelling in relation to cultural identity and considers whether it’s time for change.

Born from the realisation that labels as they relate to cultural communities are limited, this insightful essay considers use of the term 'Culturally and Linguistically Diverse' (CALD) and whether it’s still the most meaningful way to describe and measure our diversity.


Using real stories, Prentice exposes the tensions individuals face and the power of choice when it comes to labelling and describing oneself. She highlights the complexity associated with cultural identity and the difficulty in reducing what is personal, layered and nuanced to a single label.


In the context of an increasingly diverse country, the author seeks to generate discussion by questioning whether the term CALD is still serving the purpose for which it was intended.

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