15 November 2019
Australia’s diverse culture is one of its most defining characteristics. In an era of globalisation, where ‘global citizens’ are on the rise and immigration continues to be a prominent issue in the news cycle, it is timely and important to consider public attitudes about a changing and increasingly diverse society, and how this affects our social cohesion.
31 October 2017
Despite an ageing population, the number of young people (12-25 years) in Australia is steadily growing, predicted to rise by approximately 50% by 2050.
18 September 2016
Communities are crucial as they are key to building and maintaining a sense of belonging and contribute to our sense of support and self-worth.
21 August 2015
Australia is proudly a diverse, multicultural society, and one that has experienced significant population growth in recent years. A large proportion – close to 60 per cent of that growth between 2000 and 2013 – can be attributed to immigration.