About the Summer School Program

The annual Summer School program is focused on the Institute’s research program. Leaders from across Australia are invited to learn about key focus areas for future research, and discuss how findings can be effectively applied in their work and communities. 

The program enables cultural, business and political leaders to make meaningful contributions to Australia’s social cohesion. 

It is an opportunity to learn a new way of thinking, and be a part of leading research into multiculturalism and social cohesion in Australia. Participants are introduced to problem solving methods used by different cultures, building appreciation for the value diversity brings. 

The Summer School program is by invitation only, but those working to promote social cohesion in Australia are encouraged to register their interest.  



A collection of four images from the Summer School event. Clockwise from top left: One: Three men sit at the corner of a table, one of them is talking and gesturing with his hands; Two: People networking in the dining room during a break, Three: People sit around round tables in the dining room listening to a lunchtime lecture; Four: A man stands in front of a Scanlon-branded pull-up banner talking to a group of people sitting at a long table.

Other events

Woman presenting to a group in a meeting room

Scanlon Institute Summer School

The Scanlon Foundation Research Institute is committed to studying and increasing understanding of the key features of social cohesion. As a result, the Institute is launching an annual Summer School to be offered to a small group of invitation-only participants.