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The Knowledge Hub translates research conducted by the Institute into accessible resources for the community. Access the Migration Hub for up-to-date statistics on migration in Australia, or explore our collection of narratives, videos, podcasts and full publications to discover how our research can be applied in the community. 

Net overseas migration dashboard

This website brings together Australian Government statistics to provide a single source of truth for current migration statistics. Each chart sorts and compares publicly available data to explain Australia’s migration and population story.

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What is social cohesion?

The Scanlon Foundation Research Institute has been formed to ‘conduct and lead research on social cohesion’. This short paper seeks to sketch out a definition of the term social cohesion relevant to the Institute and explore the context of applying the term in Australia. 


A short glossary for Scanlon Foundation Research Institute.

Research methodology

The Institute employs a range of scientific methods to gather its research, maintaining strong relationships with the social cohesion sector and other research bodies to deliver balanced, accurate findings.


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    Members of a synagogue listen to Rabi

    We're all in the same boat: stories of adaption and resilience from Australia’s religious communities in the time of COVID-19

    June 2020

    Six months ago, no one had heard of the coronavirus. Now, several months into the pandemic, much of our daily lives have been transformed by its spread. In Australia, religious communities were one part of society expressly impacted by the ‘lockdown’ directives introduced to stem the spread of the virus. This essay describes the ramifications of the closure for some of Australia’s religious communities and considers what might be the long-term impact of the lockdown and our new social reality on the way these communities contribute to social cohesion in Australia.